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For specialized solutions, we partner with these endorsed firms:

G. Blanchette & Associates
Ph 404-661-8274

Specializing in the development and deployment of go-to-market strategies in the consumer packaged goods environment. Clients include Fortune 500 to startup companies.

  • Development of packaging and merchandising programs,
  • Assist with product development efforts to assure proper alignment with reseller's end-user's requirements,
  • Establishment of go-to market strategies in retail, e-commerce, and professional distribution channels,
  • Active participation with targeted customer discussions and negotiations,
  • Develop or revise sales models that align with current and new customer base utilizing CRM and other sale productivity tools.

Current and past clients include:

Marvin L. Smith

Deliberate Synergy helps clients in transforming current efforts into breakthroughs in business strategies, responsive operations, unique products & services, and boundary-less relationships that lead to greater profits while maximizing creative opportunities.

Our process fosters the emergence of a safe-to-explore culture where surprising and extraordinary things ALWAYS happen.

Our Collaborative Practice Areas Involve: Vision and strategy, Enterprise-wide cultural change, Creative problem-solving, Issue-specific programs where collaboration, innovation and freshness are critical Training and development that embeds creative thinking and innovation into the fiber of how the company operates.

Graves Marketing & Design
David Graves

If you need to communicate more effectively what your company does, Graves Marketing & Design creates communications that help you establish to solidify a presence in your market that surpasses your competitors -- positioning your company to be more profitable.

It's our mission to create a strong market presence for your business that will take you past the standard solutions and beyond the expected.

What makes Graves Marketing & Design different? (and we think, better.)

  • We treat a client as a valued colleague
  • We take a marketing research approach
  • Stellargraphic design
  • Quick response times
  • A commitment to your business
  • Value for your dollar

Mamie Patton, President
Patton Brand Strategy, LLC
Blog: pattonbrandstrategy.wordpress.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mamiepatton
Twitter: twitter.com/mamiep

Patton Brand Strategy helps companies grow by implementing smarter brand marketing strategies. We provide sharp, creative thinking to challenge companies to develop their sweet spot - the intersection between what their brand delivers and what customers most value.

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